Cirrus ICT consultancy helps your business by adding technical and business expertise that will optimise your computer and telephone systems and align your technology with your business.

Whether it's a one day review or a detailed investigative project, we can help you and your business gain a competitive edge with first-rate technological solutions in the most cost effective way.

Quality Solutions:
Our solutions successfully integrate with industry applications and platforms. We can even maximise your existing technology increasing connectivity and productivity.

We are vendor-independent and use the most effective and energy efficient solution and we only install fully tried and tested technology. And whether it's The Key or TrigoldCrystal, our systems are compatible.

Unlimited support:
We work in close collaboration with you and your third-party software providers to give you the most appropriate technical solution. You have our total commitment and support from inception to completion which safeguards business continuity, ensures smooth implementation and gives unlimited support from your own designated IT manager and support desk.

Affordable expertise:
Becasue we come from the financial services sector we can add value in everything that we do. We can improve your business's processes to improve efficiency and enable you to pursue new profit-making activities.

Our fully integrated services and solutions get you working in the most energy-efficient way, reducing your energy costs and getting your business working in a more environmentally positive way.

By optimising existing resources we demonstrate how we use our expertise to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and reduce overheads.

Additional Stuff

The Cirrus pay-as-you-go technology-as-a-service concept evolved from the success of an early “totally managed computers and telecoms service” developed by Michael Schaefer at Chase De Vere Mortgage Management. The result was a fully secure, resilient and flexible IT and telecoms infrastructure that better responded to business needs and significantly reduced costs.

What we do:
By forming strategic partner alliances with key suppliers Cirrus offers the SME market a new way of doing things.

Through the clever use of existing technologies and by controlling and integrating the different components of the entire technology infrastructure we are able to offer cost savings and flexibility that are not possible under a traditional solution. Fundamental and interwoven into this concept is extreme security and maximum resiliency.

Consultancy 2

Our goal:
We aim to transform your relationship with technology and deliver you substantial IT and communications cost savings whilst improving your business's effectiveness and agility.
By engaging with you as a partner and fully understanding your business needs we will help you grow, develop and adapt your business whilst always providing you with great value, service and support.

Our founder, Michael Schaefer:
Michael's 25-year career has spanned finance, IT, operations, compliance and director roles in property and financial services in both the US and the UK. He has a long history as a technology innovator and using IT to deliver more for businesses.
For the latest news and case studies please visit Michael's blog.